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      Great Products. Something for Everyone. Love the Anti Aging and Pet Products. But CBD oil is my biggest seller. LOVE seeing the back office and the team growing because of the Matrix Pay Plan. I don't even know these people that are falling into my downline!
      Customer Testimonials
      CBD Oil Works!  

      My Story - Anya Virk

      I am a product of the product long before I started marketing CBDI have been using CBD oil for the last few months. I have 5 fractures in the spine and sciatic nerve pain all the way down the right leg. I have been on epidurals, trigger point injections and take vicodin. (Also had twins...which didn't help the back). Im married to a surgeon. He always came home with horror stories of patients addicted to narcotics. I didn't want to be one of them. Even then I only took vicodin when I was dead and dying of pain. Finally, after hearing about CBD I switched to CBD oil. I rarely take Vicodin. I take my CBD oil religiously and I am FINE. One of the things that almost EVERYONE that I have personally spoken to notices is how well they sleep. How amazing is that? That means you wake up refreshed and have a pep in your step and are ready take on whatever the day brings.

      I have been in the network marketing industry for the last 20 years and am so proud to be part of a company that has a product that can help so many people with many different ailments find relief. There are many different sources to buy CBD oil but we have a superior product because it is Organic, grown in USA, unheated so therefore retains all its nutrients and the biggest thing is...our CBD oil is 30% off retail. 

      This pay plan is not only easy to build, the ranks are easy to attain and people WANT to be part of this billion dollar industry. It is....THE NEXT BEST THING TO OWNING YOUR OWN DISPENSARY. 

      In 30 days I have a team of over 2500 people. The best part is....The internet is buzzing with CBD oil testimonials and it works for people! They are sold BEFORE you even present it! So go join free....Get a position.. Order your favorite product and follow my simple steps to build your CBD business fast and furious. 
      But Don't Take My Word For it.......

      Jo M. All around feel good. 

      "2 weeks on 300mg CBD. Best sleep ever, body aches and pains subsiding, hot flashes under control. Yes ladies, especially those lady issues. Of course with anything do your research and start on low dosage and go from there."

      Sharon N Fibromyalgia

      "Hi! I have diagnosed fibromyalgia as well as Multiple Sclerosis.

      I slowly made the switch from painkillers to CBD oil, weaned myself completely off of all prescriptions and onto the oil. It has done wonders

      I began with two drops of 350 mg 4x a day and gradually increased to 4 drops 4x a day. I now take 2 drops of 1000mg 4 x a day and take 2 drops of the 350mg right before I go to sleep. I found not taking before bedtime the oil would wear off and I'd wake up in pain.

      This schedule has worked AMAZING for me!"

      Tara L. Smoking

      "So it's been about 5 days, and I have virtually no cravings and cigarettes taste terrible now. I do still find that my brain is holding on to the habit of it, but I feel no physical need to smoke!"

      Tina K – ADHD

      "So my 2nd testimonial for CBD oil, my son has moderate to severe ADHD, he is almost 13 and some time ago begged me to come off his meds so he has been struggling through everything without meds, he hated how he felt, he had emotional issues, anger, loss of sleep and appetite in general felt caged.

      He started on CBD last week and he is now so happy with how he feels, trying to get him to describe it is challenging, "I just feel better and I can focus on school." 

      Now, in terms of what I see, he sleeps very well, he has happy energy, not crazy pent up energy, he's stopped yelling at his brothers, and is laughing. I am very happy for him. As far as dosing goes, everyone is different but in his case he is on a 1/4 dose twice a day."

      Julie K

      "I have suffered my whole life with severe IBS. It was so bad I was scared to leave the house. When I started taking CBD oil all symptoms have stopped. I'm no longer chained to the bathroom. I can eat whatever I want without fear of being away from a bathroom. No more embarrassment. I started taking it for anxiety and depression. I was surprised to realize my IBS has stopped."

      Perry H – Back Pain

      "Been using CBD oil for over 3 weeks and still no back pain. I have only taking 1 dose for that last 4 days and still have had no back pain. This stuff really works.

      If you have ongoing symptoms of any kind, then I recommend using CBD oil to get rid of them...pain free...YES!!!!!"

      Theresa W Anxiety

      "So here is my testimony for anxiety today. My anxiety was fully put to a melt down test with issues with my son. I have not needed or wanted my Xanax at all to help me get a grip through this. With the situation I have dealt with all day today, It would have normally been warranted. Wow. I am impressed and happy with myself. As for the pain, it is getting better every day and spasm decreasing (until I feel good and pull my back out like the other day Hahaha) RA is getting more and more manageable as well. This oil is heaven sent. I am decreasing my meds slowly each day and for someone who had to take a pain pill with their coffee every morning or I couldn't move, I have only had 3 pain pills in the last two weeks. Wow. I am so glad I ran across this and did my research. It was worth it."

      Chantal B Arthritis and for her son.

      "I use the oil for me (arthritis) and my son (anxiety, focus, anger mgmt, he was 4 when I started) it has been a miracle in a bottle for me and my family"

      Tessy E

      "I had lower back ache for about 3 weeks. Nothing could ease the ache I was feeling and was also radiating to my shoulders. I got the 300mg oil, even thiugh the advice was to start with less drops and gradually increase according to need or just experiment with what works best for the person. Anyways, I took half of the dropper sublingually at night before bed. I woke up with more intense ache the next morning. I almost didn't continue but a small voice said to take another dose at night. But by 12 noon, the back ache less. At night I took another half dropper and went to bed. WOW! By the time I woke up, I had no more aches, slept like a baby and felt so good overall. 

      I have forgotten I ever had this lower back ache. I now take 2 to 3 drops every 2 days for maintenance."

      Cindy G – Libido

      "CBD AND LIBIDO....can I just say thank you lord...i had a hysterectomy and poof there went my sex life..i just d idnt care. Not good for my marriage haha..and then in two months of taking the 7 50 I feel like I'm back."

      Mike D – Headache and wrist pain

      "I Had a real bad headache last night and I just received my CTFO CBD 500mg oil drops. I gave it a try and within minutes my headache went away! ! Also noticed the pain in my wrists has gone away! I'm Very impressed with the results!"

      Charity M

      "For 28 yrs I have suffered with severe endometriosis. The pain monthly is excruciating. I began taking a 500mg CBD oil in September and have since upped it to 750mg. 5 months later on CBD oil and although I still have a dull pain in my abdomen it is completely manageable! I don’t get the back pain or the nausea. I don’t rock back and forth and scream and cry or break into sweats because the pain is so bad. Also using a CBD pain cream has helped immensely."

      Bridgett R  Hip Pain

      "My mom who suffers from terrible hip pain and she was a big skeptic of CBD... she used our CTFO Ultimate Deep healing Pain Cream last night and slept the whole night!!! She is no longer a skeptic!"

      Charlene J

       "I have been hugely blessed since starting CBD oil about 6 months ago. I had carpal tunnel in both wrists and arthritis as well as terrible pain from Scoliosis and chronic sinus pain. All pain is gone. I also have Raynaud's. For those who dont know what this is, it is a neurological disorder that causes the brain to think the heart is in danger at the slightest chill. It causes the circulation to be shut off to the fingers and toes. Many people have developed gangrene and had to have them amputated. Last fall I was outside when it was 45 degrees. I was wearing flip flops and capris with no jacket. Absolutely NO symptoms of an attack! This is evidence of CBD being able to address neurological conditions! PTL!"

      Angie M

      "I started taking a full spectrum pure 500mg CBd oil last fall for help in healing my brain from severe post benzo withdrawal syndrome, movement disorder, crushing headaches, burning pain, ringing ears, light and sound sensitivity, severe mood swings and many central nervous system effects from Lyme disease as well as hormone fluctuations which these things affect. I noticed both a dramatic improvement in pain, burning, headaches and mood swings, though as I went through a cleansing period I did have some increased anxiety and cycling of symptoms as I have been sick for a long time. The oil helps cut down the massive brain damage headaches severely as well as reduced muscle dystonia cramping/dyskinesia and anxiety. I have reduced my dosage to only a few drops a day as my body continues to heal and work with other parts of my natural care regime until I get brave enough to try a higher dose again (I tend to be extremely sensitive to almost all supplements due to the benzo withdrawal which is apparently typical). I thank God for CBd oil and I know a pure product with full spectrum CBD is the only way to go! I was losing hope of getting any relief from the torment of chemical brain injury. I look forward to using CTFO oil and continued improvements in my health! I will continue to update my progress in the months ahead."

      Lori N – Severe Pain

      "I've been in pain (sometimes severe, sometimes just a nagging pain....but always pain), hurting 24/7 for ALL of my adult life, and...let's just say....I'm no spring chicken!!! I've been on strong pain meds (either oxycodone, hydrocodone, Percocet, percodan, fentanyl, morphine) for all those years. Not a day has gone by that I didn't wake up to pain - take three pills, hurt all day - take two pills, and go to bed with pain at night - take three or four more pills. Well....I'll tell you this. I am off ALL my fibromyalgia meds....pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories, etc. I take a blood pressure pill and Omeprazole. That's it!!! You just don't know how much better I feel and how truly amazed and shocked at the results I have achieved.

      It's all because I took a chance on CBD oil. It has definitely changed my life.

      Why are you hurting? Why are you suffering from anxiety, depression, crohns, and so many more conditions when you could take a few drops of oil twice a day?

      Are you afraid it's illegal....NOPE! Are you afraid you'll get high....NOPE!"

      Sarah P – This is a touching one

      "A very touching and inspiring testimonial on the efficacy or our HempWorx CBD Oil...Sarah Rachel Penick shared her first post.

      This is a bit lengthy but I want to share my story in the hopes that it may help even just one person.

      In 2010 my husband and I lost our daughter Amelia Grace to stillbirth. I was 25 weeks. I was devastated and felt like my body had failed me and her. 

      I immediately got pregnant again as I’m a older woman, and life became very busy with her arrival. It seemed like depression was like the waves. One day was good and another would be horrible. One day I was happy and then I was sad. It was exhausting. I can’t remember how many times I would sit in the closet crying by myself, or holding my child crying while she cried.

      Then we were surprised to find out we were expecting again. At 24 weeks we were told scary news. 

      I had complete prévia with a life threatening condition Called Placenta Acretta. I had to be within 8-10 min from a trauma hospital that had a large blood bank. At 29 weeks we moved into a Extended Stay over a hour from our home to be close to the hospital that could handle my high risk condition.

      At 31 weeks I was admitted and would remain there til I delivered under general anesthesia. I woke in ICU having had a complete hysterectomy and requiring a total of 13 blood transfusions! I was thrust into instant menopause but I was alive!!!

      Once again I would ride the relentless waves of “thank GOD I’m alive” to 

      struggling with PTSD and post partum depression! My doctor prescribed me Prozac twice and I wouldn’t fill it because I was terrified of gaining weight. 

      Because of the stress, depression and HRT I packed on 45 pounds rapidly.

      It affected my marriage, my self esteem, everything!

      I became so sad. Sitting at home daily and just not putting any effort into my appearance, not doing anything to help me feel better. I had not worked out faithfully in 10 years. I even wanted to walk away from my marriage. I was angry all the time. Our now 7 year old has ADHD and it was easy to just snap at her. Then I would feel guilty and like the worse mom ever!

      A friend introduced me to Hempworx. The funny thing is, she probably had or has no clue how hard things have been behind closed doors.....

      Today marks 21 days that I’ve been using Hempworx! I am a new woman. I am a new mom, and wife.

      A weight has lifted! The fog of doom has lifted! I noticed within 3 days that my anxiety and thinking about death every day had diminished by 50%.

      Then around day 5-6 I noticed I was sleeping sound. My husband was having to wake me every morning.

      Then I noticed I WANTED to get out and do things. I started going to the gym. This morning I walked into LAFitness and the greeter behind the desk said “look at you girl! Your face and hips are thinner, good job”!!!!

      I can’t even begin to tell you what a blessing this oil has been to me. Once again I feel like I’ve been given another chance at life.

      Do I have sad moments? Yes.

      Are there moments that I lose my temper? Yes

      I am human, but I am beginning to see the old me when I look in the mirror and it feels GREAT!!!!

      So thank you CBD. You have a customer for life!"

      Sherry W – PTSD

      "Guess what everyone! I’m amazed! I’ve been taking the 750 CBD oil (5 drops x 2 per day) for a week.

      I have PTSD, panic disorder, major depressive disorder, colitis, high bp, bad knees and shoulders (all developed during military service).

      I used to not be able to walk up or down stairs normally. Had to take one step at a time. Even off a small curb. The shots in my knees only helped so much. Much less did the meds for my mental/emotional disorders.

      Sooo... to the point. I can run now! I can run up stairs!! I can do jumping jacks and pushups! I miss working out. Going back to the gym tomorrow for the first time in over a year!

      My attitude?! Much better. Happier. And I’m totally sure it’s CBD oil. I did not make any other change. I was highly depressed. Now I’m jumping for joy."

      Carrie D – Anxiety

      "I've been taking the 500mg oil a little over a week and have been able to stop my daily Ativan usage for anxiety. I have a wonderful sense of calmness and it seems like my head is less "foggy". I'm loving it."

      Bill – Medical train wreck

      "Hello I am Bill, I have been on the 750 now for five months and a month on a different brand. I would like to tell you about CBD oil. First, let me tell you a little about myself. Over the past five years, I have been a medical train wreck! I first went to my Primary Doctor, then to the GI specialist and finally to OSU for their GI specialist. I was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease, Colitis, Fatty Liver Disease, Barriett's Esophagus, Possibly Chron's and Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth. The symptoms of these autoimmune diseases were excessive (up to 12 times per day) DIARRHEA, VOMITING (after every meal for upwards of 4 hours) and INFLAMMATION that caused JOINT PAIN. I was beginning to doubt how much longer that I was going to be able to provide for family and my quality of life had become nonexistent! Due to my deteriorating health, I was removed from my position at work and my health issues were causing family disturbances at home. My wife, whom is a 20 year nurse spent many worried and sleepless nights, trying to figure out how to help me because the medications were doing nothing! Late one night, my wife came across CBD oil and research showed that it would help. The next day she went and bought some CBD oil (at a local shop) and I used it for two months, with minimal results. I told my wife " I am done with the CBD oil!" She said, "We need to try another brand!" So, I reluctantly took her advice and tried Hempworx. BAM...SUCCESS!! After four weeks, I started to feel a difference. My joints had stopped hurting and the diarrhea had decreased. After six weeks, the vomiting had stopped and the diarrhea had further decreased. After three months of taking CBD oil, I had started to lose weight. Then at four months the diarrhea had stopped, I was able to start eating normally again and the weight loss continued. It has now been six months, I have returned to eating a normal diet (not gluten-free) and I have lost about 50 pounds. I feel younger and I have more energy, I have a ZEST for life again!"

      Angie K

      "I have Chronic Lyme disease (post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome), Epstein bar virus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes, Neuropathy. For some reason my pain would flare up the worst at night. I'd sit on the couch and just moan in pain, it would be an 8-10 on the pain scale. I had viral meningitis that left my nervous system and spine in a mess. I've had pancreatitis and ended up having my gallbladder removed. I also have insomnia where I'm asleep but I'm not in a deep sleep and I can feel all my body pain and I'm just on the edge of awake never dipping into that deep REM sleep. The inflammation in my body has been out of control. I also have suffered from anxiety.

      Thanks to my Naturopath she has gotten my health back in shape by helping me with my diet and supplements. She had told me about CBD oil

      I am on CBD oil 750, 15 drops in the morning and 15 drops before bed. Since starting the CBD oil my neuropathy is so much better. Most days it's completely gone and the feeling is starting to come back into my feet. The shooting pain up and down my spine is much better. From a 8-10 down to a 1-2. I now sleep deeply and only get up once a night if at all. I wake up rested and jump out of bed earlier. The inflammation in my joints is much better. And I feel calmer with the anxiety pretty much gone.

      I am so grateful I came across this product when I did."

      Colleen C Nurse

      "I started using the CBD oil on Christmas Day! I got it in my stocking from my daughter. She’s watched me suffer for the last 12 yrs. I suffer from heart disease, fibromyalgia, Lupus, degenerative disk disease, migraine headaches and DEPRESSION. So as you can imagine, I have CHRONIC PAIN, difficulty walking and some days just moving in general. My legs were completely black due to decreased circulation. My anxiety level was running through the roof on most days. 

      I’ve bee using  CBD 750 since Christmas Day ! I started noticing changes in my thinking, it was starting to become more clear and focused. I am a RN for over 30 plus years so I was really not expecting the oil to make any big changes right away. I found a dr willing to adjust my pain medications(RX-narcotics). He started weaning me off of my narcotics and I was using the CBD OIL . I started noticing my anxiety was getting decreased. I have noticed that my pain level is better (even though not gone, I am hopeful for continued relief from using the oil.). The color in my legs is getting lighter, and I’m getting weaned off of some of my other meds for high blood pressure."

      Stephanie P- Testimonial

      "I wanted to share my story quick... I was cleaning out my bathroom cupboards and came across all my prescriptions I had been on and decided it was time to properly dispose of them... here they are... my hubby and I went thru a few years of fertility treatments resulting in a successful round of IVF. Within a few weeks I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. Put on Zoloft immediately. My next son was born (surprise) a year later. My depression worsened and eventually was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD as well. I was on so many diff combos of anti-depressants over the next few years. Then enter CBD oil. I was desperate for relief. I didn't even know who I was anymore, and there were so many side effects from all the meds and starting new ones and going off old ones. And then Bam 6 months later no meds at all! (I was extremely cautious coming off my meds due to horrible withdrawal and side effects previously). This is what's left of all those meds I had endured. No more Xanax. No more Prozac. No more Zoloft. No more Welbutrin. No more Effexor. No more sleep aids. Just pure natural relief. I've now been med free since Thanksgiving (3 whole months now!)"

      People KNOW about CBD Oil!
      The Internet is FULL of Testimonials!
      This Product SELLS ITSELF!


      Hurry! Spots Are Filling Up Fast!

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